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25 General Questions

Questions Answers
1 What Is Your Nationality? British
2 Is The Glass Half Empty Or Half Full? The glass is both half empty and half full
3 What Is Your Favourite Colour? Black
4 What Is Your Favourite Animal? Cats
5 Favourite Food? Croissants
6 Favourite Drink? Lime coke
7 Are You A Clean Or Messy Person? Clean
8 Favourite Musician? The Weeknd
9 How Do You Take Your Coffee? Some almond milk and sugar
10 Do You Believe In God? Just like Mulder believes in aliens yeah
11 If You Could Own A Mythical Creature? A unicorn
12 What Is Your Hair? Brunette
13 Are You Religious Or Spiritual? I believe in god but not in a religious way
14 Do You Believe In Any Conspiracy Theories? Ofcourse not! Have you seen my tin foil hat?
15 Have You Ever Broken The Law? No
16 What Was The Most Memorable Gift You’ve Received? I rather not say
17 Do You Think Aliens Exist? No
18 You’re Stuck On An Island With No Way Off And No One Knows You’re There, What Three Items Do You Have With You? A first-aid kit, a knife, and a rope
19 Nike Or Adidas? Nike
20 Who Is Your Hero? I rather not say
21 What Is Your Biggest Fear? Spiders
23 Favourite Emoji? 🤣 …like what else is there
24 Plane Or Train? I rather not say
25 What Is Your Favorite Season, And Why? Basically I like all seasons

25 Personal Questions

Questions Answers
1 Do You Have A Tattoo? No
2 How Many Piercings Do You Have? 3
3 What Is The Best Gift You Have Been Given? Myself
4 Are You A Spender Or A Saver? Saver
5 How Many Pillows Do You Sleep With? 2 silky covered pillows and 1 heart-shaped pillow
6 Do You Collect Anything? I rather not say
7 Do You Consider Yourself Artistic? Yes
8 Would You Say You’re More Of An Extrovert Or An Introvert? I rather not say
9 What Kind Of Art Do You Enjoy Most? Something out of a box
10 What Are Three Websites That You Visit Daily? This, this, and this
11 What Really Makes You Angry? When I spot a lie
12 What Makes You Laugh The Most? When hanging out with friends
13 What Does A Successful Relationship Look Like To You? When they are thoughtful to each other but also to the people they know
14 If You Had To Describe Yourself In Five Words, What Would They Be? Curious / Dreamer / Honest / Perfectionist / Creative
15 What Is Your Silliest Fear? Spiders, seriously spiders
16 What Was The Most Thoughtful Gift You Ever Received? I rather not say
17 When Are You Most Yourself? I rather not say
18 What Is The Most Beautiful Thing In Nature? Constellation
19 Have You Ever Cried Over A Movie? I rather not say
20 What Product Do You Think The World Could Go On Without? Cigarette
21 What Smells Make You Happy? Perfume
22 Call Or Text? Text
23 What If You Could Change One Thing About The World? What Would It Be? Eliminate all weapons of war in the world
24 What Brings You In A Good Mood? I rather not say
25 Can You Afford To Feed A Dinosaur? No

25 Technical Questions

Questions Answers
1 What Language Do You Speak? I speak Jap And Eng.
2 What OS Are You Using? MAC OS X
3 What Blogging Software Are You Using? WordPress
4 What Coding Software Are You Using? Sublime Text
5 Can Simplenotes Be A Responsive Theme? Not too soon. Sorry
6 How Long Have You Been Developing Simplenotes? Simplenotes‘s first release was 25th May 2009
7 Can I get some help with using Simplenotes? You can check out The Support Forum
8 How Did You Create Your Website? Hand coding from scratch
9 What Made You Decide To Be A Designer? I rather not say
10 How Do You Deal With Creative Blocks? I rather not say
11 What’s Your Favourite Art Work? My latest favourite is Maalavidaa‘s Oil-Slick series
12 What Are SVGs? And Why Do You Use Them Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) are an XML-based markup language for describing two-dimensional based vector graphics. One of the essential elements for responsive design
13 What Do You Do If You Can’t Work Out A Coding Issue By Yourself? Research only
14 What Is Responsive Web Design(RWD)? You probably see them everyday when you surf on the web. It’s a website that aims to make web pages render well on a variety of devices. My website is also RWD.
15 What Is The Use Of Media Queries In CSS3? Media queries are useful when you want to modify your site or app depending on a device’s general type (such as print vs. screen) or specific characteristics and parameters (such as screen resolution or browser viewport width).
16 Can You Recommend Me A Platform Other Than WordPress? 21 WordPress Alternatives & Why You Might Want Them or if you are light user check out Tumblr
17 How Do I Start A Website? I say you can started from renting a free web space online and start making your own website, it does not need to be a big one. Then gradually nurish by adding new contents and learning new techniques, when you are starting to like what you see you can consider buying your own web space and even a domain
18 Are You Planning To Upgrade Simplenotes? Yes
19 What Is The Key To Good Design? Both functional and aesthetic
20 What Is Your Inspiration? All things aesthetically pleasing to my eyes
21 What Are Some Bad Examples Of Web Design? Anything that goes against the Metallic mean
22 What Is Your Favourite Design Trend? Oversized typography, grid system, modern minimalism, and gender-neutral design
23 What Is Your Least Favourite Design Trend? One-page website, use of too much colour, art deco motifs, off the grid, and horizontal scrolling
24 What Are The Core Graphic Design Principles? Contrast, proportion, rhythm, colour, visual hierarchy, and proximity
25 What Are The Core Web Design Principles? Simplicity, navigation, visual hierarchy, and grid based layout

25 Random Questions

Questions Answers
1 What’s Your Favourite Pizza Topping? Ham, mozzarella, and mushrooms
2 What Is The One Recent Trend You Can’t Stand? It used to be Snapchat now its TikTok
3 What Is The Worst Date You Have Ever Been On? I rather not say
4 Who Knows The Most Secrets About You? Nobody
5 If You Had To Get A Tattoo Today, What Would You Get? I do not want it
6 When Did You Feel Safest? When I am all alone
7 If You Could Choose A Brand New Name For Yourself, What Would It Be? I do not want to change my name
8 What Is The Oddest Way You Ever Accidentally Hurt Yourself? I fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle twice
9 Do You Think You Could Live In Outer Space For A Year? Yes
10 What Kind Of Baby Animal Would You Most Love To Be Surrounded By? Kittens, I might melt
11 Would You Shave Your Head For $100? No
12 If You Were A Ghost, Who Would You Haunt? I rather not say
13 Where Is The Last Place You Would Ever Go? I rather not say
14 If You Could Visit One Planet, Which Would It Be? Uranus or Neptune
15 What’s The Most Creative Use Of Emojis You’ve Ever Seen? This
16 What Was Cool When You Were Young But Isn’t Cool Now? Cassete tapes
17 If Animals Could Talk, Which Animal Would Be The Most Annoying? Pigeons
18 What’s The Most Annoying Noise? Snoring
19 What’s The Coolest Animal You’ve Seen In The Wild? Squirrels
20 What Current Trend Makes No Sense To You? Tiktok
21 What’s Your Good Luck Charm? I rather not say
22 What’s The Most Ticklish Spot On Your Body? Every part of my body
23 If You Did Not Exist, What Would You Be Doing Now? Nothing
24 What Would You Like Your Dying Words To Be? I rather not say
25 What Do You Do When You Can’t Fall Asleep? I stay in my bed until I am actually sleepy

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