<Creating A Custom WordPress Widget Plugin Vol 1>

Creating A Custom WordPress Widget Plugin Vol 1

Ever tried or thought of making your original WordPress plugin? Don’t worry, all you need to have is a bit knowledge of how WordPress works, your own hosted WordPress powered website, any coding software or could use a plain notepad like me, and a server program “File Transfer Protocol” known as FTP.

Now go to wp-content/plugins directory and create a new folder and name it whatever you want. This is going to be the folder where you put all the files for your custom WordPress widget plugin. Now create a new .php extension file under the folder you just created, lets say we just name it plugin.php, now insert the following code to it. This is going to help WordPress define the plugin which you are about to put some work into it.
Open your FTP software and upload your newly created plugin folder to wp-content/plugins directory. Now your plugin is on the server, go to your WordPress plugin admin page wp-admin/plugins.php, you should be able to see your plugin on the list. Start activating your plugin by clicking on the activate link. Now you have completed one of the very basic but very important part of WordPress plugin development.

</Creating A Custom WordPress Widget Plugin Vol 1>

12 / 05 / 2022

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