<5 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design Vol 4>

5 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design Vol 4



Download Code

Code is a very minimal sans-serif font with two variations “Code Light” and “Code Bold”. It is a very modern font that is readable at any size. It is applicable for any type of graphic design, web, print, motion graphics, etc. Code is available for free download at Fontfabric type foundry.



Download Bodini

Wrote a bit about Bodini on one of my previous posts, 5 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design, Vol. 1. It is a serif font with a interesting contrast and shapes, and it is still influential to modern fonts just like Didot. Bodini license can be purchased Linotype.

PlayStation Fonts


Download PlayStation fonts

Going a little off topic, PlayStation font is kind of a replica font of the original PlayStation font. I guess it would be a “fun” to add some random fonts to the post, change of pace. Sometimes I’m a gamer and for a while, PlayStation has been one of my favourite game console. I might have went for PlayStation VR if it appeared a little bit earlier though.



Download Sango

Sango is a font with the kind of image I have in my mind when “typography” and “glitch art” are combined together. Resulting in some interesting composition, it just differs from any other common fonts and that naturally makes it one of my favourite font.



Download Ubuntu

Ubuntu is the default font for a Linux distribution named Ubuntu OS. Ubuntu meant to be a general purpose font, and in particular, I love the simple almost minimalist shape of the characters. I think Linux is a great open source operating system, so naturally I like its font too. Ubuntu font is licensed under the Ubuntu Font Licence.

</5 High Quality Fonts For Professional Design Vol 4>

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