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iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

Ordered a new iPhone on 8th, was expecting to receive it on 14th. They started accepting reservations on 7th and I got it on 15th. Fair trade I guess. I swear I would have gone home it if took me another hour. People, People, People. Since the release was still a week ahead I was told to fill in the form with my contact info and credit number, and to wait for the call until they have my stock so I can pick it up.They also said I probably won’t be getting it straight on the release date, and of course I was naive thinking: “Oh C’mon, of course I’m getting it on the release date. That’s why I’m here!” Sure, I didn’t receive any calls on 14th. I phoned them only to be told to wait until the stock reaches my turn.

At least they could have told me how many turns I have to wait, like a month or week, instead I was just left in raw pain of being absolutely clueless.
Out of the blue, I had this feeling that its the distributing that’s taking time. I might just head to the store today and see, and if I’m lucky enough I could come home with one, yeah like I have better thing to do on weekends. So I get my ticket and wait for my turn. Turns out they had some stock of the model I want.
I have no idea why I didn’t get a call even though its right there. (What happened if I didn’t come here myself, and what about others in the queue?)
Which reminded me, that, the other reason I came to the store was the system trouble with taking orders, so maybe it was right choice to just go get it myself.

Reason I didn’t have an iPhone up until now was because it wasn’t released on the operator I use, and I couldn’t force myself to change it just for sake of it. Stubborn me waited for 2 years for this. Anyway it is released, so in the strange mood of being able to get it while hearing news of Steve Job’s death, I went to get one. I still remember my first Apple product was back in 2005, the first generation of iPod shuffle. (Remember when shuffles looked like a long plain USB storage.)
Still haven’t decided on what I do with my old iPod, for now it will be good storage for my music.
Pretty much everything has been said. The camera has been improved a lot from 4, and the quality of the images does surprise me. Now I’m plugging some of the installed iPhone apps! Blogging is hard for a lazy bastard you know.

</iPhone 4S>

10 / 01 / 2011


  • Michelle says:

    Nice comparison If only they kept the same model of the iPhone 3GS, I would have bought it. But I don’t like the style of the new one. It’s too….flat. XD

  • Caity says:

    Wow, the camera is a lot better. I didn’t realize they made it that much better. I’m impressed, actually. I have a droid myself and I am one of those people who are amused by how fast apple fans line up for new products but I also will admit that I think apple does make some pretty interesting things. There are two reasons I don’t buy apple products myself: I can’t afford them and I think I’d be hooked myself! Congrats on your new iPhone. I’m glad you were finally able to get one!

    • CARLA says:

      It must be tough having much expectations, but I do very wonder what will be next.
      Thanks, the all over sleek-ness is amazing, but the best part: I don’t have to carry my phone/camera/music separately = Gives my bag more space. lol

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