<Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner>

Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner

Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner

I got my very first Moleskine few weeks ago. I got a bit too weary of my former Muji dairy which I’ve been using for 2 years.

These notebooks called Moleskine is known for their sleek planner notebooks. I have heard of these legendary notebooks, but only stared wistfully at them for a while.

This is Moleskine 2013 18 Month Weekly Notebook Planner in Large, and it covers the periods of July 2012 to December 2013.
I compared carefully to find which one would suit me best and I figured I need something not to heavy(Since I want to carry it around with me) with very basic functions.

Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner

There seems to be positive comments on their hard cover, and one thing I hated about Muji’s is that the cover is little too thin and it bends in bag. So I do like the hard cover a lot.

It contains a lot of features, including 208 acid-free paper pages, shows the week’s appointments at a glance on the left, with a lined page on the right for notes and ideas.

Comes with an expandable inner pocket which contains an address book with 28 lined pages and laminated alphabetic labels, which can be used individually or as part of the notebook.

The weight and size is perfect for a portable notebook in your bag. I love it so far though it would be better if it had monthly pages. Since I’m not used to weekly types, still I do like my new schedule book very much.

I’m drooling over their sketchbooks since I always wanted something to keep my ideas in. Perhaps with a thick enough paper.

</Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner>

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  • Angelica says:

    That seems like a nice and elegant planner. If I had a planner I’d probably buy something similar.

  • Georgie says:

    I saw a Moleskine notebook in the store today. I had two notebooks that were of the Typo brand and looked similar to Moleskine but they also had that bendy softer cover, which did bend in my bag. I did like those notebooks a lot though! I am not really a fan of planners; I am an organised person but I use the calendar on my iPhone. The only reason I carry a notebook around is to take notes, which end up being random and messy, so I just prefer a plain notebook. xD

  • Michelle says:

    Love this post! I am looking into getting a moleskine as I have tried a billion planners and found them to be too heavy to carry in my purse daily and when I try to downsize I compromise a lot of room I need for writing. So my question is, do you find the large moleskine light enough to carry every day?

  • Aaron says:

    I bought the same one in RED

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