<WordPress Event Wordcamp Tokyo 2014>

WordPress Event Wordcamp Tokyo 2014

WordPress Meetup Wordcamp Tokyo 2014

I finally went to my first WordPress meetup, I have always been rather curious about Wordcamp and events related to WordPress. I’ve known WordPress for 5 or 6 years but it exists for more than a decade. And started using WordPress a lot more recent, and all those years I missed my chances to go.

But then I found an upcoming event for WordBench Tokyo. I am still trying to figure out the difference between WordCamp and WordBench. Both are official but I think WordBench is only in Japan. Both are very similar because people gather to the community because they are interested in WordPress.

Since I started going on the internet around 2006 there was b2 users. b2/cafelog which was one of the blogging platform developed by the WordPress founders. And now we have WordPress.

I actually didn’t even know what b2 was that time. I did run a blog using other scripts Cutenews since I had no knowledge in PHP or using database like MySQL back then. But as soon as I started using WordPress, the extendibility made me want to run all of my websites on it.

One thing to look forward to is the language pack. In the next release, they are going to split the entire language resource from the system so you set the language and WordPress can translate it for you. Maybe it will help democratic publishing. It sounds good for both developers and users, knowing that now international downloads are higher than the total downloads of the English version.

Before YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Medium and the plethora of self-publishing platforms came along – information was controlled and distributed by media such as the BBC, New York Times and CNN. In a handful of years this has changed out of all recognition. Breaking news comes from Twitter, political insight from WordPress-hosted content and “user generated content” is becoming the norm. –

</WordPress Event Wordcamp Tokyo 2014>

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